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Survival guide: How your phone can last forever (or close to it) this festival season

Festival season is upon us: neverending queues, trying to remember what air conditioning feels like, and the search for your missing flip-flop — the stuff of unforgettable summers. Oh… and your phone. Here are some tips to help make your phone last forever, like the festival wristband you’ll never take off even after the season’s over.

15 July 2022 • 3min read

Hello world!

Hello world!

20 August 2021

Product News

Sci-fi Movies that have come true (sort of)

It is amazing to look back at Sci-Fi movies over the years and see how far we have come in terms of our own technology.

9 December 2020 • 5min read

The Dream Team

Guilherme, Business Developer for South Europe at Back Market

Hello! Who are you? Hello, my name is Guilherme and I’m originally from Lisbon, the great capital of Portugal.

17 November 2020 • 3min read

The Dream Team

Wout, Business Developer Netherlands and Belgium at Back Market

Hello! Who are you? Hello! My name is Wout, although people in Paris prefer to call me Waoud or Voot.

1 October 2020 • 3min read


Creating the ultimate home cinema

Nowadays, we’re used to watching films and TV shows in our beds on laptops and tablets. While there’s certainly a time and a place for this

9 September 2020 • 4min read

Tips and Tricks

8 Ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint quite easily

Climate change feels like an overbearing and insurmountable threat, and one that governments around the world are dragging their feet over.

26 August 2020 • 5min read