20 iPhone tips that will surprise you

The iPhone has come a long way since it was launched in 2007. Although most Apple owners already know the most common tips and shortcuts, your iPhone can do much more than take screenshots and record calls. Having scoured the internet, we’ve even discovered some new features ourselves: here are 20 iPhone tips you may not know about.

Location tips

1 . “Sharing” vs “Sending” your location

Do you know the difference between “Share My Location” and “Send My Location”? Sharing your location means that you give the recipient permission to track your movements, while sending your location simply sends your pinned whereabouts. So, give yourself a fright by realising that your friends are tracking your every move, or find them in a particular place.


2. Get location-based reminders

This feature works in the places you visit most, for example “Call grandad when I get home”. The iPhone‘s location services record your most-visited places on a map and will send you a reminder when you arrive.


3. Find out your location history

Always wanted to make a list of everywhere you go? Your iPhone has already pinned it all down. Oh, and it has also recorded how long you have spent there.


Siri tips

4. Set up Siri voice activation

Most iPhone owners already know about the “Hey Siri” option, but if you don’t, she’s going to change your life. Go to Settings > Siri > Listen for “Hey Siri”. Be aware that whenever the phone hears a word that sounds anything like “Siri”, it will start listening.


5.Too lazy to read?

Siri can read out any text on your phone. This is handy when driving or in a place that makes reading tricky.Simply press the Home button while saying: “Siri, read my emails” or asking for any other assistance you need.


6. “What planes are overhead?”

Planes flying overhead can completely disrupt a conversation, but have you ever wondered where they’re going? Well, now you can find out! Activate Siri and ask her.


Shortcuts for typing and messages

7.Pre-save phrases

Have a personal motto? Create a shortcut for the phrase you use the most to save time when writing a message. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement to enter the shortcut and the phrase you want to see.

8. Easily add a full stop at the end of a sentence

Double click on the keyboard space bar to add a full stop! This tip is simple, but handy – even if it doesn’t save that much time.


9. “Information”

If you’re still trawling through conversation threads with hundreds of texts and messages to find the images and locations that have been sent to you, you’re not doing it right. Go to a conversation, click “Information” (represented by an “i” in a circle) and you will find an album containing all the images and videos that have been shared in that chat.


10. Send videos and audio messages

You can send videos and audio messages that self-destruct after a certain period. Go to Settings > Messages > Expire and choose 2 minutes or never!


Other tips

11. 3D Touch

Although lots of people know that 3D Touch exists, few actually use it. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch to activate it and adjust the sensitivity. With this feature, you can press on an image to preview it more clearly.


12. Office scanner queue too long?

Use the Office Lens app’s scanning tool instead. You can hold your phone above any document, photo or whiteboard to focus, scan it and save it for editing. This is a great tool.


13. The other use for the Compass app

Another useful tool is the spirit level in the Compass app. Open the pre-installed Compass app and swipe to the right: the spirit level will allow you to easily hang photos and put up shelves straight.


14. Find out how strong your signal is

Find out how strong the signal from your iPhone’s mobile network is by dialling “*3001#12345#*”. A little Field Test screen will appear with technical details about your network.Network signal strength varies between -40 and -130. The closer it is to 0, the better it is.


15. Manage your battery

Manage your battery with Airplane Mode, Low Power Mode and Background App Refresh.


16. Turn all your ebooks into audiobooks with VoiceOver.

Select the VoiceOver settings you would like by going to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver to adjust voice speed and style. Then, open your chosen ebook and ask Siri to: “Turn on VoiceOver”. Voila!


17. Control your phone with your MIND!

Well, with your head. By going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Switch Control, you can program commands activated by your head moving in front of the camera.


18. Did you know that the Clock app icon shows the current time on the clockface?


19. Get your creative juices flowing

Waiting for a particular message before you’ll look at your phone? Set up custom vibration patterns for particular contexts in Settings > Sounds > Choose a tone > Vibration > Create New Vibration.


20. And the ultimate tip for your iPhone?

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