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Survival guide: How your phone can last forever (or close to it) this festival season

July 2022

Festival season is upon us: neverending queues, trying to remember what air conditioning feels like, and the search for your missing flip-flop — the stuff of unforgettable summers. Oh… and your phone. Here are some tips to help make your phone last forever, like the festival wristband you’ll never take off even after the season’s over.

Just protect it.

It’s pretty obvious, but getting a phone case or screen protector keeps your phone safe from liquids, dance schmooves, inexplicable glitter, and other tragedies.


Keep it cool.

Temperatures above 30°C (yeah we’re optimists) are a major danger zone for your phone and can corrode internal components, cause your phone to slow down, and even cause battery leakage.

Keep your phone out of direct sunlight, don’t charge it under a pillow, and, like chapstick, definitely don’t leave it in your car when it’s hot out.


Wipe it down.

Wipe down your phone and its case at least once a week. Considering how many of us bring our phones to do number two, we don’t think that’s too much to ask. Turn off your phone and use either a damp microfiber cloth, 70% isopropyl alcohol/ethyl alcohol wipes, or disinfecting wipes.

Clear the digital dust.

Everything we do on our phones collects digital dust. “Dust” as in browser cache, cookies, app data, and other things. Deleting this digital dust helps your phone function without added stress.

  • On Android: Go to Settings, then Apps or Applications to see how much space your apps use. From there, tap on any app to go to Storage. Then, tap “Clear storage” or “Clear cache”.
  • On Apple: Go to Settings, then General, then iPhone Storage to see how much space your apps use. From there, tap on any of the listed apps and tap “Offload App” or “Delete App”.


Charge your phone the expert-approved way.

When it comes to phone battery, 100% charge is overrated. According to Isidor Buchmann, CEO of Cadex Electronics and main contributor to online resource Battery University, “A lithium-ion battery doesn’t like to be fully charged. And it doesn’t like to be fully charged and warm.”

The sweet spot for optimal battery life is between 20% and 80%. And most smartphones come with an optimized charging feature which will slow down battery charging when it’s nearing 80%.

Also, don’t let your phone die. Your battery life comes with a limited number of lifecycles on its Lithium-ion cell. Every time your phone hits 0%, the battery loses a cycle, reducing its capacity to hold a charge.

  • For iPhone users running iOS13 or later: Activate optimised battery charging by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and tap on “Optimised Battery Charging.”
  • For Android users: It varies. You’ll have to look it up based on the type of phone you have.💩 But in general, check out: Doze for Android, Sony Stamina, or the Ultra Power Saving Samsung.


Pace your phone’s energy consumption.

For added peace of mind, pacing out your battery can be the secret ingredient to making it last until the final act. Here’s a checklist:

  • Update to the latest versions of apps and your phone’s operating system
  • Airplane mode (or turn it off when you’re not using it)
  • Control screen brightness by turning off automatic adjustment
  • Skip animated backgrounds (even though they’re fun)
  • Use darker background colours (they use less energy)
  • When the sun goes down, put your phone on night mode
  • Avoid vibration mode


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