5 ways to entertain yourself while stuck at home

June 2020

Lockdown has left some of us with a vast surplus of free time as we forgo those really time-consuming activities like seeing your friends and family, going out for dinner or seeing your nan. If by now you’ve stared at every wall in your house several times over and are starting to get just a little bit tired of it, there’s plenty of stuff you can do to keep yourself entertained, often available at your fingertips.

Mind and body over matter

Yoga is the perfect lockdown exercise, requiring just a tiny bit of floor space and no equipment other than your own body (or maybe a yoga mat if you’re really going for it). While a great way to stay fit, physically healthy and flexible, studies have found it is also effective at reducing depression and anxiety, making an ideal outlet for the stresses of a global pandemic. As gyms have closed, yoga classes have moved online – sometimes live, sometimes recorded – and you can catch them on apps like Instagram and YouTube. There are also tons of specialist apps for beginners or the experienced, often tailored to what you want out of it: whether it be physical fitness and flexibility, mental or spiritual well-being, or a mix of both. A refurbished iPad or tablet from Back Market will allow you to sign up to any class anywhere in your home or garden – It’s time to get out of the foetal position and into a downward-facing dog!

Escaping the house

Apart from the joys of standing in a queue at the supermarket, a state-sanctioned run around the park has been one of the only ways for people to break free from their house. Yes, much to the pre-lockdown runners’ chagrin, the parks of our towns and cities are full of exiles from the treadmill and part-timers, and you can join them too! If you’re a beginner, apps like Couch to 5K, supported by the NHS, can take you from a bright red, exhausted mess who can’t run to the end of your road to a well-oiled running machine in a matter of weeks. For those running often, apps like RunkeeperMapMyRun and Nike Run Club can help you monitor your progress and improve. Back Market’s range of refurbished smart watches and activity monitors are the perfect complement to them, and can be picked up without breaking the bank.

Picking up a second language (or two)

While it might not seem like the most entertaining activity to be doing with your new-found spare time, it’s never been easier and more fun to learn a new language. There is an amount of delayed gratification involved: but just imagine emerging from lockdown a polyglot armed with phrases and vocabulary to take to the summer holiday destinations you’ve been dreaming of while stuck at home. Even in the short term, the dopamine hit on apps like Duolingo from knowing your nacht from your nackt or your foi from your foie is real, and you can make great strides with just a small amount of effort (say 15 minutes) every day. If the idea of learning French or German is bringing back some painful memories of high school, there are so many languages available to learn on Duolingo now, including Irish, Welsh, Latin, Navajo and even Klingon and High Valyrian (some of these are more useful on holiday than others).

Finally tackling that reading list

Lockdown is a great time to start working your way through that reading list. Whether it’s getting lost in a novel, genning up with some non-fiction or flicking through your favourite magazine, reading is both pleasurable and meditative. It can take your mind off events unfolding in the outside world, immerse you in a different universe and broaden your mind. You don’t even need to visit the bookshop any more (not that it’s open) or even leave your house (not that you’re allowed) if you’ve got an e-reader or tablet. And if you don’t, there’s never been a better time to get one – check out our incredible refurb deals on Back Market!

Down with self-improvement!

It’s important to emphasise that you don’t have to do anything particularly constructive during lockdown, or achieve anything in particular, or ‘improve’ yourself in any way whatsoever. It could be games, social media or video calls with your friends and family – if you’re managing to keep yourself distracted, you’re doing well. Back Market has you covered with its games consoles, gadgets and even coffee machines (for those who haven’t set foot in a coffee shop for a few months). Check out our Staying Home Starter Pack, replete with fun, refurbished devices.

However you decide to keep yourself entertained, Back Market will continue to provide new leases of life to great pieces of technology to support you and the environment during lockdown and beyond.


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