The Dream Team

Alexis, Head of Business Development @ Back Market

December 2019

Hello! Who are you?

Hi, I’m Alexis!

I’m from Le Mans and am the proud holder of a hard-earned Master’s from BEM Management School. Following a short career in consulting, I joined Back Market three and a half years ago to help Thibaud structure the business’s efforts.

What do you do at Back Market?

I head up Business Development at Back Market and lead a team of 40 excellent humans. I’m responsible for the quality of our offering on our online platforms.

In less pompous terms, I make sure everyone who visits Back Market finds the right products and can access enough of them at the best price and quality.

What’s a typical day like?

check the KPIs and make sure we are on track to achieve our ambitious targets. I look particularly at the cross-border rate — the number of countries where our sellers are operating — to build a global supply chain.

go to meetings with my various teams (New Business, Account Management, Project and Data) to track ongoing projects and challenge current strategy if the results aren’t where we want them to be. I also attend interviews to recruit new members of staff and meetings with selected strategic prospects and/or sellers.

Why did you join Back Market?

To get back on board with a project that has a huge social and environmental impact, following previous experience in green energy. The opportunity to change people’s tech consumption patterns doesn’t come along every day.

What’s the funkiest thing that’s happened to you at Back Market?

My favourite office chair was pinched several times when Back Market was moving offices. In the end, I had to write my name on it in marker pen. This has worked well.

What was the last app you installed on your phone?

MyCanal: a French TV app…#ilovethebureau

What was the last eco-friendly thing you did?

I’m buying more and more items that come without any packaging.

What’s your mantra?

“Say what you will, but France is still the land of 400 cheeses”.

If you too would like to write your name on your office chair, apply here!


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