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Sci-fi Movies that have come true (sort of)

It is amazing to look back at Sci-Fi movies over the years and see how far we have come in terms of our own technology.

9 December 2020 • 5min read

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Amazing VR Games/Experiences Coming in 2020

While the world outside has become steadily dystopian as countries battle coronavirus with lockdowns and social distancing,

9 July 2020 • 5min read

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Top 5 Products That Failed but Weren’t That Bad

Tech is a brutal world, in which even the most successful products are supplanted by newer versions and quickly become obsolete.

22 April 2020 • 5min read

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4 Awesome Uses for Drones

Drones can be a fun toy to experiment with; whether you belong to a remote-control club or like to take your electronic device out for a weekend of adventure.

8 April 2020 • 5min read

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Fun Apps That Can Encourage You to Get Fit

Whether you are new to working out or have had a gym membership for a while, there are a variety of workout apps

26 March 2020 • 4min read

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The Rise of the Chinese Smartphone

If you’re looking for a new mobile, you might want to consider going the Chinese route. Chinese smartphones have made it to the top

3 March 2020 • 4min read

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What’s in store with the iPhone 12

Rumours abound surrounding the release of the new iPhone 12; from how many versions, to screen size to tech.

6 February 2020 • 4min read

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The real cost of the iPhone X

The iPhone X was the first in a new generation of top-of-the-range phones. This “smartphone of the future” (according to Apple)

16 December 2019 • 2min read

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iOS 13: What are the new features on your iPhone?

Along with the launch of the iPhone 11, Apple presented iOS 13 during the 2019 Keynote. Available since September 19th on compatible iPhone,

11 December 2019 • 3min read