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fun apps to get fit

Fun Apps That Can Encourage You to Get Fit

Whether you are new to working out or have had a gym membership for a while, there are a variety of workout apps which can really help you to meet your goals and have fun doing it. Maybe you need a little extra motivation such as Zombie Apocalypse or perhaps you just like to get those calories burned while listening to top DJ playlist material. 

Don’t worry about your phone system – there are options for both iOS and Android smartphones with app purchases and free stuff included. Whatever your style, there is a fun app with your name on it (no, not literally) that is ready and waiting to help you get in your 30 minutes – or more – of daily exercise.

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chinese smartphone

The Rise of the Chinese Smartphone

The RedMi Dragon Rises

If you’re looking for a new mobile, you might want to consider going the Chinese route. Chinese smartphones have made it to the top when it comes to world mobile phone use with three main manufacturers which have really shone on the international stage in the past few years – Xiaomi, OnePlus, and of course Huawei. The big three offer top of the range phones along with competitive pricing, but what sets these three Eastern giants apart from the rest?  

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old phone

Old Phones That Still Rock

There’s always a buzz around the latest smartphone releases. What new gadgets, upgraded and cutting-edge tech might they have in store for us this time?  Yet, for the most part, this new smartphone love-in can be pretty short lived; a hit for a year or two and then we’re over them. They become obsolete. This isn’t the case for all phones though – there are a chosen few that really hit the mark and become a cult classic. Even though they’re retro they’re built to last and we love’em!

Take a look at our top 5 blasts from the past and find out what makes them rock even now!

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iPhone X

The real cost of the iPhone X

The iPhone X was the first in a new generation of top-of-the-range phones. This “smartphone of the future” (according to Apple) is packed with new features designed to get customers used to the idea of buying a phone that costs the same as a laptop.

On sale since 3 November 2017, the model costed no less than 1000 dollars in the USA at launch. The price is even higher for the 256GB model, which was being sold at 1149 dollars in the USA.

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iOS 13

iOS 13: What are the new features on your iPhone?

Along with the launch of the iPhone 11, Apple presented iOS 13 during the 2019 Keynote. Available since September 19th on compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod, this iOS version was quickly followed by version 13.1 and more recently by version 13.2. As it’s really easy to get lost in all of this, we have prepared a short article with a few selected features to help you get the most out of this update.

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