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How to choose the right laptop for you

Looking for a new laptop can be a labyrinthine quest through bewildering concepts and mystifying jargon. However, it is likely to be a companion you’re going to be spending a lot of time with – and your livelihood, university grades or gaming reputation may well depend on it – so it’s worth getting it right. Our guide will help tread a careful path through the baffling terminology and impenetrable specifications, keeping you from spending too much on features you don’t need, whilst making sure you won’t be launching your new purchase out of the nearest window anytime soon.

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Coronavirus: how to clean your phone and computer properly

If someone asked you what the dirtiest item in your everyday life is, what would you say? Your toilet seat? Your doormat? Your colleagues’ hands? Yes, these are all pretty dirty, but the worst offender is actually your computer keyboard. According to a study by the University of Arizona, your keyboard harbours 400 times more bacteria than your toilet. Your phone screen is also a dirty place, although less so than your keyboard. If you’re not careful, these bacteria can cause a whole range of infections, so, given the coronavirus pandemic, it would be a good idea to clean things up.

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How do you save your smartphone from sand, water and cold conditions?

Prolonging the life of your smartphone is essential: when we see that prices are constantly being raised, changing your phone every year is out of the question. Increasing technological sophistication comes at a price: the object of your affection is (almost) more delicate than a baby turtle when it hatches from its egg… So what can be done to protect it? Here’s a little survival guide for smartphones.

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Our top tips on how to take great photos with a phone

These days, many of us don’t think twice about using our phones as cameras. Phones are handy and compact and offer more and more features that provide high-quality photos. Want to go beyond automatic mode and the default camera settings? Here, Back Market shows you how to improve your shots by using a few photography tips and changing some settings. 


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20 iPhone tips that will surprise you

The iPhone has come a long way since it was launched in 2007. Although most Apple owners already know the most common tips and shortcuts, your iPhone can do much more than take screenshots and record calls. Having scoured the internet, we’ve even discovered some new features ourselves: here are 20 iPhone tips you may not know about.

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3 tips on making your phone waterproof

You’ve finally got hold of that pink flamingo float that’s everywhere on Instagram. You’ve even persuaded your neighbours to let you borrow their pool one afternoon so you can float around pretending you’re Paris Hilton. It’s selfie time… But, with suncreamed fingers it’s hard to get a good grip of your phone as you extend it precariously above the water… Below we have the solution: 3 tips on making your tech BFF waterproof.

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