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Fun Apps That Can Encourage You to Get Fit

March 2020

Whether you are new to working out or have had a gym membership for a while, there are a variety of workout apps which can really help you to meet your goals and have fun doing it. Maybe you need a little extra motivation such as Zombie Apocalypse or perhaps you just like to get those calories burned while listening to top DJ playlist material. 

Don’t worry about your phone system – there are options for both iOS and Android smartphones with app purchases and free stuff included. Whatever your style, there is a fun app with your name on it (no, not literally) that is ready and waiting to help you get in your 30 minutes – or more – of daily exercise.

Zombies, Run!

For runners who like a little extra push, the app Zombies, Run! is packed with entertainment and lets you use your own custom song list to keep going. Zombies run after you, so keep your speed up to progress in the game. Running gets gamified through an audiobook-style storytelling narrative with missions to complete while you are running. You can build hospitals, repair homes and go on regular expeditions. You will be gathering intel, supplies, and finding clues to the origins of the zombie outbreak in your virtual town. Let the story carry you away as you meet and exceed your fitness goals with this running app.

Rock my Run

This useful fitness tracker offers playlists from worldwide top DJs so you can keep your workout at the high intensity you want while enjoying hit tunes. Listen to playlists compiled by Major Lazor, David Guetta, and Afrojack among others. A fun feature is an automatic adjustment – the music adjusts to match your pace or heartbeat. Additionally, you can track your distance and pace from within the app rather than keeping multiple apps open and entering records.

Treadmill Trails

Walk your way around virtual tours of Appalachia, Hawaii, various national parks and other scenic routes with Treadmill Trails. The app costs just 99 pence and gives you the option to listen to the sound of your heartbeat through its silent trail video – or play your own music in the background. There is also a fun feature with narrated rhythm soundtracks called Trail Narration and Happy Rhythms to keep those feet going, going, gone on an adventure a day.

Just Dance Now

If you like to shake your booty to get hard buns, you will love Just Dance Now. It is based on the video game of the same name. Just Dance Now lets you boogie down wherever you are. Connect the app with your computer and you can dance away the charity miles or hustle along to the latest pop songs. Included with the app are built-in rewards to keep you on track – earn extra songs and avatars if you need a little extra motivation.


Do you need a personal trainer? If you like to exercise (but only a little) get a high-intensity workout in just seven minutes with the app Seven. It features exercises for weight loss, flatter stomachs, and stronger abs. Using HICT – high-intensity circuit training you will be pushed to your limit. There are 12 exercises which you do for 30 seconds followed by a 10-second break. With Seven you will be doing the flyest pushups, jumping jacks, squats, planks, crunches and more. To get the most out of it, try doing three circuits since most people can’t quite push through the burn for the full seven minutes at a time, which actually makes it a potential 21 minute workout fitness app.

Burn Your Fat With Me

This unique app pairs you up with your dream anime girl or boyfriend. Use the dating simulator to impress your date with your fat-burning statistics. Your anime girl or boyfriend becomes a training partner who can work out with you to keep the loneliness – err – stagnant routine – at bay. Though you may find this app unusual, it has more than 800 lines of voiced dialogue and 15 episodes (or workouts) which increase in difficulty.

Exercise is important for your mental and physical health. These apps can help, whether you enjoy walking, running, doing high-intensity moves such as push-ups, or dancing to hit tunes. With options to help personalise your experience, you will find it easy to make a custom workout which you can stick to for a change. Try more than one app to really liven things up. There is no time like the present to go for a treadmill tour or battle against the Zombie Apocalypse when you load these fun and exciting exercise apps onto your smartphone.


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