The Dream Team

Guilherme, Business Developer for South Europe at Back Market

November 2020

Hello! Who are you?

Hello, my name is Guilherme and I’m originally from Lisbon, the great capital of Portugal.

In 2019, I graduated in Management at Nova SBE (Portugal). Meanwhile I had the opportunity of studying for 4 months in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and backpacking for 2 months in South America, where I could learn  completely different cultures and meet some amazing people.

What really drives me is the possibility of continuously learning and growing from different people and different experiences and definitely Back Market contributes with a great part of it!

What do you do at Back Market?

My journey here started as an intern and, 6 months later, it continues but now in a full-time permanent position. I started as a Business Developer, my job is to find, approach and convert those awesome companies that sell the great refurbished devices you can find at Back Market, while building strong lasting relationships with them.

So far, it has been 10 months and it couldn’t feel more challenged. I am given total autonomy and responsibility from my work and that gives a lot of room to grow and learn from it.

What is your typical day at Back Market?

I usually start my day by checking the previous day’s performance.

I save the mornings and the afternoons to do my calls, that is usually when sellers are available to talk. Either I am finding new sellers that could potentially  join Back Market or I am contacting already existing sellers. In the end, this is a partnership between both Back Market and the refurbishing companies, we can only grow together since we depend on each other, and that’s the beauty of it!

Lastly, I take in-between moments to move with ongoing projects or to have team-meetings.

Why have you joined the company?

It’s good to think about this question and to have several answers for it, it means you’re in the right place.

Since the start, the mission/vision of the company really made me engaged: it is a company that is brave enough to disrupt the way we consume technology, in order to be greener, cheaper and more sustainable to this world we are living in. I wanted to be a part of it.

Also, it is a really challenging role that has a big impact in the company and despite being a newcomer, I have always felt that Back Market would trust and invest in me.

What is your favorite product on the platform?

Refurbished photography camera, you can get the same excellent performance for over half the price! What more could you want…?

Any funny story at Back Market?

When I arrived at Back Market, the team had just started using an internal tool for organization (Notion), the same tool I have been using for personal usage for the past 2 years. That means I was quite expert using the tool, so I started being the team’s point of contact for all the questions and best-practices. And the fact that I’m constantly promoting it and showing the benefits of using it, even today, my teammates tell me that I must be secretly working part-time for Notion 😂.

What was the last app you have installed on your smartphone?

Le Fooding, it will be my personal guide for the best restaurants/bars in Paris!

What was your last ecological act?

Coffee compostable capsules.

What is your mantra?

Leaving my comfort zone works as my growth path.

Your favorite song?


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