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How does Back Market guarantee product quality?

December 2019

In this article, we’ll look closely at the nitty-gritty of what Back Market does, plus its aims. If refurbished products are ever to become the norm, then something needs to change: there needs to be no real reason to buy new. Simple. This means Back Market’s Quality department plays a key role: what does it do and how does it work?

The role of Back Market’s Quality department

At Back Market, the Quality department has a clear and ambitious aim: the customer’s experience on the platform should be just as satisfying as the one they have when buying new, or even more so. In other words:

  1. It’s about making sure the customer doesn’t have any problems with their order. This work is done up-front with sellers by the Quality Account Managers.
  2. If a problem does arise, it should be solved fast. The Quality Account Managers collaborate on this with the Customer Care Specialists, who look after customer relations.

No more factual reason to buy new

When we say that there needs to be no real reason to buy new products, what does this mean?

First, it raises a commercial issue, which we’ve explored in another article. There should be refurbished products available in all kinds of electronic and electric item categories including vacuum cleaners, washing machines, electric guitars and more… We should also be able to find them worldwideAccount Managers’ priority is therefore supporting sellers to broaden their product offering and make it more international.

Refurbished products should also be (at least) of a similar quality to that of new ones: the focus for this article. At Back Market, we measure quality with three criteria.

  1. The product‘s technical quality.
  2. The quality of the delivery service.
  3. The quality of the after-sales service.

Quality Account Managers help sellers solve technical problems with their products and improve their delivery service if issues arise. Alongside the Customer Care Specialists, they also help sellers improve their after-sales service.

Monitoring seller quality

What does this monitoring involve?

Sellers can regularly access a summary table which tells them how they are doing with the three quality measures. The Quality Account Managers track this data for their sellers and help them make good use of the information available.

When they identify an area for improvement, the Quality Account Managers provide more detailed data and suggest tailored solutions. If they notice that a significant percentage of after-sales requests are about a particular model’s battery, the Quality Account Managers can advise sellers about specific testing that can be carried out, or suggest a supplier change.

During the test period, the Quality Account Managers pay particular attention to the number and content of customer communications, and to seller responses. They can also act as mystery shoppers to judge service quality for themselves.

Just like Account Managers, Quality Account Managers offer sellers bespoke support with a human touch in various languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, etc.) This pays off: the percentage of faulty products has been halved in two years.

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