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How does Back Market support its sellers?

November 2019

Before reading on, see: Who are Back Market’s sellers?

So, a new high-potential seller has been identified by the Business Development team, gone through administration, understood and accepted the Back Market  Quality Charter and set up its seller account on the platform. In other words, they are now ready to sell. However, this is only the start of their relationship with Back Market.

The test period

Every new Back Market seller goes through a 40-day test period during which they must pass a series of stages before they become full members of the platform. Throughout the test period, sellers are monitored by a Quality Account Manager who checks the quality of products sold, customer satisfaction and delivery times, and by a  Business Developer who helps the seller make their first sales. The test period also gives Back Market the chance to make sure quality isn’t affected when new sellers see increased sales.

The role of Account Managers

When a new seller passes the test period, they are handed over to an Account Manager whose role is to develop and add the human touch to the business relationship between sellers and Back Market (Account Manager is not the same role as Quality Account Manager). Account Managers support and train each seller they are responsible for, helping them provide the best product offering at the best time.

1. Enabling sellers to develop the most relevant and broadest possible selection of products

Account Managers support sellers in diversifying their product offering. They help them include new product categories with several grades and colours, and boost their sales capacity. They also help them analyse their performance to adjust their prices and products to their market.

2. Increasing visibility

The Account Manager role also involves supporting sellers as they go international by offering services that let them manage communications with customers in foreign languages.

3. Improving processes

Account Managers offer sellers a range of services to improve logistics, delivery and payment methods, and automate time-consuming processes so they can easily grow.

The relationship between sellers and Account Managers enables the former to provide the best product at the best time and in the best place. This complements the relationship between sellers and Quality Account Managers whose role is to improve the technical quality of sellers’ products, after-sales service and delivery times.


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