New look for the same old life: Back Market updates its identity

The beginning of this week could have been like any other, but we thought it would be much more entertaining to start it off by changing Back Market’s identity. Just for fun.

A little over four years ago, when Back Market made its first sale, Thibaud, Quentin and I considered ourselves to be dangerous e-commerce revolutionaries.

We had a vision and a clear goal of creating a must-use alternative to change patterns of new device consumption. By doing this, we would save the world from a flood of electric and electronic waste.

Four years have passed, and we have been getting closer to achieving this vision. Back Market is now on two continents, has hundreds of reconditioners on its books and has persuaded almost 1.5 million customers to use refurbished tech products.

Yet, paradoxically, these successes have created concern: what if, as the business grows and our figures look more attractive, our project ends up…too comfortable?

Screw New

It would be suicide to get overly comfortable: there’s still so much to do. Although Back Market has grown, it’s no match for the tsunami of electric and electronic products that are coming out of factories each year to tempt us consumers – with disastrous effects on the environment.

We need to be like a fly buzzing with the possibility of an alternative around the elephantine ears of the New. We aren’t aiming to eradicate it — we will always need to make smartphones — but simply to take it off its podium, shake it up, and ultimately limit the harmful effects of device overproduction.

In other words (sorry, mum, I don’t know how to say it any more politely): Back Market is here to screw with the New. We’re here to Screw New.


Backward is forward

We believe the original idea for Back Market — that revolutionary drive — is more needed than ever and we want to make it loud and clear with this rebrand. It’s about never sacrificing what our project truly means on the altar of business.

Backwards is forwards – if you see what we mean.

Our new logo reflects this goal. So long to our beloved round loop. It’s time to clarify what makes us different. While the New industry is selling the “next big thing”, we wanted to really showcase our “back” philosophy. The antidote to “what’s next”.


We wanted a font that would be a bit “hench”, but still elegant. It’s called GT Super and it’s just as cool as its name.


Back Market is (also) about e-commerce. So, GT Super will go alongside a new font that’s clean, straight and beautiful. It’s called Scto Grotesk and here’s a sample:


And as we’re also non-political, we’ve decided to create an eminently “e-commerce” sense of fun with lots of bright colours…


…and succomb to sticker mania:


That’s enough wittering: here is how it all looks together:

We’re going to end by summing up our last rebrand: “These are the main changes today, on this memorable Monday 27 May. History alone will tell us if it was a good or bad idea, but if you want to let us know before history does, you can give us feedback in the comments.”

Thibaud, Quentin and Vianney
Back Market Co-Founders


Big up to Koto for this makeover.

And big up to Police Studio, who helped us bring Back Market this far with our old branding.

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