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Sci-fi Movies that have come true (sort of)

December 2020

It is amazing to look back at Sci-Fi movies over the years and see how far we have come in terms of our own technology. Some Sci-Fi movies have been eerie in predicting the technology we would have today or in the near future. Delve into some of the fun, frightening and fantastic Sci-Fi predictions which have come true – or may soon be available to you.

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1. Space Travel

While many movies have looked at space travel, one of note is Le Voyage Dans La Lune, a very old film in which humans travel to space in a cannon fired capsule. While our current space travel takes us beyond ‘la lune’, the space capsule is reminiscent of our more recent re-usable space capsules as fired (via rocket).

It is worthy of note that space guns are a real thing. Back in the 1960’s, the United States Navy’s Project HARP fired 100 calibre guns which sent 400-pound projectiles up to a height of 110 miles.

2. Hoverboards

It is perhaps thanks to the Back to the Future series of movies that viewers’ imaginations soared at the idea of flying cars and hoverboards. A staple at the local high school, hoverboards have now come true to life for us. Although these ones don’t yet fly, their propulsion systems guarantee a good time when you balance between the wheels. You can even get hold of your own at a huge discount by choosing a refurbished hoverboard with Back Market..

3. Robots

There are many Sci-Fi movies featuring intelligent robotic life forms. I, Robot is just one of them. While the film imagines a machine takeover, real-life has shown something far different. Honda features a robot called Asimo who can walk realistically up and downstairs, play a game of kickball, and greet visitors at corporate events. For a more realistic looking robot look no further than Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University’s Erica, a humanoid looking robot.

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4. AI Assistants

2001: A Space Odyssey is rife with technology similar to today, including the International Space Station and in particular the AI antagonist HAL 9000. Back when the film was made the idea of talking to devices in real life would have seemed slightly odd, but with smart home devices, and in particular Siri for Apple iPhones and iPads, you’re only a few clicks away from having access to your own AI buddy.

5. Holograms

While it may have seemed far out back in 1977’s Star Wars, today we have the capability of producing holograms using a variety of technology. There are even add-ons for smartphones so that you can make your own hologram at home. Check out these beauties and see which might work best for your hologram needs. Shop refurbished smartphones.

6. Breathable Liquid

While James Cameron’s The Abyss first depicted it, German scientists are now working on a version which would allow divers to go even deeper than ever below the seas. In 2017 researchers in Germany explored the process of liquid ventilation through innovative testing and got one step closer to making this a reality.

7. Earbuds

Although the original movie came out decades earlier, Farenheight 451 predicted the iPod’s earbuds before they ever happened. Lightweight and great for providing tunes, you can get some great deals on all apple earphones from Back Market. Better get them quick though before they are outlawed alongside books.

8. Skype and Laptop Computers

Decades before you would first hear that connecting melody, the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey predicted the emergence of Skype technology (Kubrick was quite the visionary), with video calls being common technology throughout the movie. Another futuristic technology was the laptop or ‘portable’ computer. You can find your own ‘futuristic’ device in the form of a refurbished MacBook with discounts up to 70% off (and it’s very easy to install Skype on it)

9. Virtual Reality

Who knew we’d get truly Immersed in our games? The Lawnmower Man! This movie featured the sort of virtual reality which we take for granted today. In fact, our version is an improvement on the movie style of VR with scenarios so real looking you’d swear you were right there in the moment.

10. Self-Driving Cars and Security Scanners

Total Recall did it first. Its Johnny cabs predicted today’s self-driving car. Although we haven’t quite gotten as far with it as the movie version, new advances are being made all the time which increase the likelihood that sooner rather than later we will be seeing our own versions of the Total Recall cabs whizzing around downtown cities. Tesla, often leading the way in self-driving technology, have had all cars fitted with some form of self-driving hardware from as early as 2016.

While the Total Recall movie itself may have been campy, it made more than one prediction for our future which came true. Best known at airports, security scanners similar to the ones in the movie are now a common feature whenever we travel by air.

11. Online Dating Sites

First featured in You’ve Got Mail, the idea of meeting through the internet and connecting only grew with time. Today we have a plethora of ways to connect and meet inside cyberspace using a variety of devices including smartphones to get us from the first hello to that first real-time meeting. Although, had “You’ve Got Mail” been based on Tinder, it may well have been a very different film.

It is fun to watch Sci-Fi movies for their special effects and futuristic technology. Now you know that they can also be predictive of future gadgets and the things we use every day. From self-driving cars to tricorders (cellphones) and personal portable computers, it all started with movies that predicted the future.

One final prediction for the future of tech? Refurbished devices being mainstream, helping the environment and helping you save cash on the tech you need.


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