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Who are Back Market’s sellers?

December 2019

“Do you repair phones?”

“You sell equipment at the end of its life, is that it?”

“But what do you actually do at Back Market?”. 

Reading your many comments, we realised that some of you were asking (good) questions about how Back Market  works and its relationship with the sellers on the platform. The aim of this article is to help you understand these things a little better.

What does Back Market do?

To answer the first question: no, we don’t refurbish the products you buy ourselves. We’re a trusted third party; a marketplace with an algorithm based on customer feedback. This algorithm helps us select the seller offering the best quality at the best price for each product.

Seller types 

Put simply, there are three kinds of sellers who use Back Market: classic sellersretailers & distributors, and certified second-hand resellers.

Classic sellers

“Classic” is a good name for this first seller category as it includes all the classic reconditioning names who sell their products on our platform. They are the easiest for us to contact and were the first to join us when we launched. This category includes:

  1. Factories who refurbish electronic goods at the end of their life. In France, this category includes LargoRecommerceRemadeSmaartItanciaWeFixFrance Accessoiresand The Kase.
  2. Repairers, small stores and reconditioning workshops (Mymobile in France, for example), who do the same work but on a smaller scale.
  3. Recyclers, who take devices apart before reselling any components that are still useful (like Les ateliers du Bocage in France).
  4. Traders like ITP in France, who buy reconditioned products before reselling them.
  5. Wholesalers (KiatooEEEztradeand Cordon Electronics in France), who sell batches of reconditioned products to businesses.
  6. And leasing companies, like Mobile Club in France, who lease hi-tech products to businesses, then resell the returned products on Back Market.

Retailers and distributors

This category includes product manufacturers, major retailers and mobile operators (like Euro Information Telecom: the fifth biggest French operator). Unlike the others, these sellers don’t sell reconditioned products on our platform. They offer new devices that have never been removed from their packaging and have been returned by the original customer, plus unsold products.

Certified second-hand resellers

This final seller category features all the businesses who buy products from individuals, test them, repair them and clean them before putting them up for sale again, either online or in a brick-and-mortar store. This category includes sellers like Cash Converters and Easy Cash in France.

Almost 700 partners already

How does Back Market add new sellers to the platform?

You’ve just learnt all about the wonderful sellers who are already operating on our platform. New sellers join us each week from several countries. Now, you may be wondering how Back Market selects and adds them to the catalogue.

Any new seller has to go through a series of stages from identification to going live on the platform. The process varies depending on the seller’s profile, but generally goes as follows:

  1. The Business Development team carries out competitive intelligence and meets digital players to find prospects with potential.
  2. Sellers identified this way go through initial administration: signing the general terms of sale and providing us with their documentation.
  3. Next, we make sure each seller complies with our Back Market Quality Charter: this stage must be approved by a Quality Account Manager. The Quality Account Manager is then responsible for supporting the seller with every customer request and introduces action plans to improve their quality on the platform.
  4. Next, the seller’s account needs to be set up: ads posted, delivery and payment options chosen, info about the company and after-sales details uploaded, etc…

What happens when a seller has been added?

Once a seller has passed all these stages, they can sell on the platform. When their trial period is over, they are handed over to one of our Account Managers, who specialise in particular product categories and countries. This team is devoted to supporting sellers and making sure our partners always fulfil their operational potential. New sellers are by no means abandoned when added to the platform. Quality monitoring is an ongoing process that deserves (and actually has!) its own separate article.


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