Would Dr. Who Buy a Refurbished Phone?

A truly pressing question clearly, and one that’s been taunting us like a flight of stairs taunts a Dalek.

So, we grabbed our closest companion, hopped into our second-hand TARDIS and set out to find the answer. Cue the music!

The Dr’s All About Doing the Right Thing, right?

The Dr’s aim in life is saving the world, so surely he’s a fan of reducing e-waste and re-loving the preloved? The fact that the Doctor has seen the results of mankind’s folly and would do just about anything to protect our planet’s future makes us think that probably includes going refurbished. Right?

The Dr is Somewhat Refurbished Himself/Herself

The Doctor is pretty fresh-faced for 760? 730? Hmm… answers on a postcard to Back Market please. Anyway, the Doctor is pretty youthful for an ancient timelord in any case. And that’s all thanks to the occasional self-refurbishment they call “regeneration”. As somewhat of a refurb him/herself, surely the Doctor’s onboard too when it comes to a busted up iPhone or worn out sonic screwdriver?

The Daleks Certainly Believe in Planned Obsolescence (as do the Cybermen)

Curse those Daleks! Always trying to destroy the earth and propagate the myth that buying new is always better! OK, maybe not the latter ‘exactly’ but we’re pretty sure they get a good laugh (or at least an enthusiastic chorus of “EXTERMINATE!”) out of our self-destructive and wasteful habits.

The Daleks might put us as number 1 on their obsolete list but they certainly don’t give a damn about preventing e-waste either. Plus, the cybermen are all about “upgrade this”, “upgrade that”! Yeah? Well, what if I like my current iPhone buddy?!

I’ll bet the Doctor having a refurbished phone would really grind their gears.

So, there you have it. Dr. Who is clearly on board the refurb train and we won’t hear otherwise! Refurbished sonic screwdrivers coming soon to Back Market! …OK Maybe not.

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