The Dream Team

Wout, Business Developer Netherlands and Belgium at Back Market

October 2020

Hello! Who are you?

Hello! My name is Wout, although people in Paris prefer to call me Waoud or Voot. I studied applied economics/marketing in Belgium, before going on an Erasmus trip and taking an internship in sales in Berlin.

After Berlin, I moved to Paris for my first real job as a business developer at TextMaster. That was two years ago, et voilà, now I’ve been at Back Market for 7 months.

What do you do at Back Market?

I’m a business developer for the Netherlands and Belgium. They might seem like similar countries because of the language, but watch out not to confuse the two when you’re speaking to a Dutch/Belgian person 😉

I’ve been at Back Market for 7 months, which means I have been physically present in the actual office for a grand total of 4 weeks.

What is your typical day at Back Market?

My day is divided in a few main parts, which differ in length depending on the day/week:

  • Contacting interesting merchants and (trying to) convince them to join Back Market
  • Following up with recently onboarded merchants to give them advice and make sure they can increase their sales
  • Meeting with people in the Supply team/Benelux team and working on projects

Why have you joined the company?

The most standard answer is the right one in this case. I was looking for the following:

  • fast-growing tech company with a sustainable vision.
  • great company culture and colleagues.
  • A sales job which also includes actual relationships with clients.

By joining BM I was able to combine these 3 parts.

What is your favorite product on the platform?

I recently moved to a bigger apartment with a friend (after being in Belgium for 6 quarantine months), so I would have to go for the vacuum cleaner and the dishwasher.

What is your funkiest anecdote at Back Market?

I can’t think of many office anecdotes since I only went a few times. However, seeing BM and my colleagues adapt so fast to the changing situation the last months, might be what has stuck with me the most so far.

Also, while cleaning up my Google Drive folders earlier this year, I found a 2,5 years old application letter for Back Market. I had forgotten about this, but I applied for the company before initially moving to Paris. “Back then, a future colleague told me my profile was not the one they were looking for, but hey, after 2 years I applied once more and look where we are now “.

What was the last app you have installed on your smartphone?

Cozi: an application to share expenses and calendars with your roommates.

What was your last ecological act?

Not going on a long distance trip by plane this year.

What is your mantra?

Opportunities don’t wait…but timing is key.

Your favorite GIF?

I’m not so much into GIFs, but this will cheer you up as well:

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